Woman captures footage of UFO hovering above home

Although this video looks like a bunch of flashing lights, the woman doing the recording claims it is an actual UFO that she filmed. The woman’s name is Morag Ritchie, a woman from the rural town of Fraserburgh Aberdeenshire. Ritchie says a circular object with flashing lights hovered above her home for several hours. She claims it could not have been an airplane as the object did not move, but rather stayed hovering. The unidentified object is unlike anything they had seen before in their area. Ritchie family member did capture footage of the object, however as it was night time, it is very difficult to make out what exactly type of aircraft it is. And indeed, it does appear to be some type of aircraft. Ritchie claims that it did not make any noise.

Here’s the video of the unidentified flying object which she believes was a UFO:

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