UFO UK Files

In 2008, the UK files on UFO and Alien sightings were released to the public. The documents, which had previously been classified, were made available for download from the National Archives Website. The UK files are incredibly interesting and hold real first-hand accounts of alien sightings reported by both the public and government officials alike which had been held secret to be viewed only by those permitted.

Recently declassified, the documents are a step forward in releasing information to the public on the real existence of aliens and just how widespread reportings actually are.  They also give credit to conspiracy theorists who have long suspected that governments are hiding information on alien sightings and visitations.  The release of these files was followed by a release by the United States on their files pertaining to UFOs, aliens and sightings, called the FBI Vault.

The UFO UK files contain all types of documents for vieweing, including first hand accounts, drawings, and letters.

Visit the National Archives UFO UK Files here.

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