Woman captures footage of UFO hovering above home

Posted October 21, 2012 By admin

Although this video looks like a bunch of flashing lights, the woman doing the recording claims it is an actual UFO that she filmed. The woman’s name is Morag Ritchie, a woman from the rural town of Fraserburgh Aberdeenshire. Ritchie says a circular object with flashing lights hovered above her home for several hours. She claims it could not have been an airplane as the object did not move, but rather stayed hovering. The unidentified object is unlike anything they had seen before in their area. Ritchie family member did capture footage of the object, however as it was night time, it is very difficult to make out what exactly type of aircraft it is. And indeed, it does appear to be some type of aircraft. Ritchie claims that it did not make any noise.

Here’s the video of the unidentified flying object which she believes was a UFO:

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Did mayans and aliens make contact?

Posted September 13, 2012 By admin

There is alot of belief that ancient human cultures and civilizations have made contact with aliens – or vice versa. In particular, the mayan culture is believed to have had alien contact / communication. In addition to mayans, there are many stories about aliens contacting the Greeks, Aztecs, Sumerians, and Incas…and there is associated evidence which backs this up.

In reference to the mayans, many researchers point to etchings in stone at the sites of many of the pyramids depicting what they believe to be “ancient astronauts”. More recently, there is reference to certain artifacts which were left behind. The video below claims to show these “newly discovered artificats” which claims to clearly show evidence that the mayans has some connection with extra-terrestrial life.

It is also worth noting that even the minister of tourism of the state of Campeche – Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado – is on record and quotes as saying that there is evidence which shows the connection between the mayans and “extraterrestrials. He also refers to “landing pads in the jungle that are 3,000 years old”.

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Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity

Posted January 11, 2012 By admin

Reptilians are one of the type of aliens that are believed to be here on Earth. They are called reptilians because they resemble reptiles, although they do have a human shape. In fiction and novels you might see them referred to as the “lizard people”.

For many people that do not believe in aliens, reptilians are decidedly difficult for them to accept. The fact that they look like lizards but in a human form are part of what people find it so difficult to overcome…they believe reptilians come from the imaginations of TV and movie makers – most notably the sci-fi television show V which depicts reptilian humans in their attempt to take over Earth. There are however various accounts of serpent human races in many cultures throughout the world.

Among those who do believe in reptilians, there is much belief that reptilians are on Earth manipulating and controlling humans. There are many claims that world leaders are not actually humans, but are actually reptilians disguised as humans. They take up the guise in order to control world events and humans. Many people think that the reptilians are heading towards a “One World Order”. This conspiracy theory – the reptilian manipulation of humanity is one of the strongest theories among alien conspiracy theories.

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Russian Alien Autopsy

Posted January 10, 2012 By admin

russian-aliensThis video has been touted as being a video of a russian alien autopsy from aliens found in 1969 by the Russian KGB. When the video came out it was said to have been “leaked” footage. It shows a group of people dressed as doctors dissecting what appears to be a dead and / or decomposing alien that is rather small. Footage is grainy at best. The alien video has not been verified as real by any source. The leaker claims it is linked to the KGB.

Real Russian alien or not? You can watch the alien autopsy video below.

Russian KGB Alien Autopsy TranslatedClick here for this week’s top video clips
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UFO Sightings escalate in 2012

Posted January 10, 2012 By admin

WeatherWatch.co.nz is reporting that reports of ufo / alien orbs and lights in the night sky have increased tremendously starting in 2012….eyewitness accounts are numbering about 10 sightings an hour.

Reports are very detailed, providing times, dates, people involved, and things actually seen in the sky, however the sightings and reports are for the most part being written off as hysteria over the new year and predictions on the meaning of 2012 to different cultures (end of era / civilization / etc).

Other sources say the increased sightings are part of a trend showing that reported UFO sightings have been increasing year to year. This steady increase is being written off to the possibility that more people are willing to believe in UFOs and are more willing to put in reports on their sightings. There are many others however that believe that aliens and UFOs are simply frequenting our planet more often than ever before. This combined with advanced technology, including videos, cameras, binoculars, etc. are making things that may not necessarily have been seen or noticed years ago something that is much much easier to spot today.

Regardless of the reason for the increased UFO sightings, there is no question or debate that the increase is actually real and something that necessitates further investigation as to its reason.

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Aliens – real or not?

Posted January 30, 2011 By admin

Scientists say the chances that we are alone in the universe is unlikely.  If you take into account all the planets in the universe, there is an almost certainty that aliens exist, and humans are not alone.  Some people believe that aliens are actually here on our planet right now.  Numerous TV shows and movies have been made toying with the possiblity.  But could it be true?  Could otherworldly visitors be with us right now?  That is the subject of incredibly heated debate – and everyone seems to have an opinion on the topic – even governments.  There are tales of conspiracy theories, hoaxes, eye-witness reports – everything you can imagine on the topic, but still the debate rages on.

The most important thing you can do to answer the question on if aliens are real and exist, is get as much information as you can.  There are always going to be hoaxes and fakes, your goal is to search through those and keep an eye out for any that may be legitimate.  The worst thing we can do is close our eyes to the truth, or refuse to believe something when we have evidence.  This is your chance.  Explore this site, and judge for yourself what is real.


Around the net there are so many videos that are put off as hoaxes, it’s hard to tell if they’re real. You can find everything from movie-made aliens that are clearly the work of FX artists, to some alien videos that are not so clearly hoaxes, to a few that witnesses and your own eyes will tell you are 100% real.  Here are a few of the best Alien Videos that we’ve found around.

#1.  Video of a UFO hovering over Jerusalem.

It was taken by a tourist looking at the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The spot where the Prophet Mohammed ascended into heaven.  In the video you see a bright golden orb hovering over the building, then there’s a flash and it shoots straight up into the sky.  Think it’s a hoax?  There’s a second video witness that also videoed the same thing from a different angle a little farther away.  Check it out and decide.  Is this UFO Video real or not?



A report shown on abc.com showing actual pictures of a hovering alien craft over one of China’s largest airports on July 8, 2010. The sighting was witnessed and confirmed by many and was no hoax. It was not a hoax. The airport was even shut down because of it! At the time, noone knew what in the world it was. Later, official came out and said it was part of a military test.

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