Aliens In The News

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I-Team: Former Intelligence Officer Speaks of UFO’s
UK UFO Files Show High Level Officials Were Concerned
UFO Sightings At Rifle Camp
UFO may have cause power failure at Wyoming nuclear missile base
UFOs spotted in massive Valley dust storm?‎
Is the ‘UFO Mothership Over London’ Video Real?
Britain’s own Special Agent Mulder exposes his X files
UFO expert believes ‘something strange’ is going on in Scotland’s Skies
Australia’s military loses its UFO X-Files
Latest theory says Roswell UFO was Russian craft
FBI opens ‘The Vault,’ UFOs, Jimi Hendrix and Malcolm X fly out
Southwest Portland Cigar UFO
Suspected UFO video creates sensation on YouTube
UFO in Oswego? You’ve gotta see it to believe it …
Viewer sees possible UFO near Suffolk
UFOs in Wales: police reveal locations of sightings from past 10 years
Triangular UFOs: Close Encounters With Unidentified Dorito-Shaped Objects
Aliens could attack at any time’ warns former MoD chief
Have aliens hijacked Voyager 2 spacecraft
Study Ufos Study The Believers

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