Fake Alien Videos

How can you tell which alien videos on the internet are fake and which ones are real? There are thousands of UFO videos to sort through on the internet, most of which are probably fake. Even if you happen to find possible real alien footage you will quickly find a story that will discredit the original footage. This makes it extremely hard to figure out what is real and what is fake, there is an enormous effort to “cover-up” any UFO video evidence that has possible truth to it.

Most common efforts to produce fake alien movies or videos include photoshop and or CGI. Many of these videos of are high quality that it is hard to tell if it was done in a studio or not. Other videos are obvious fakes, people who either are trying to make a funny video or others who are trying to mock the UFO believing cult. It is really up to you to decide, don’t believe everything you see or read, but make sure you have all the facts by verifying information against several sources.

Here are some known fake alien videos on the internet.

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